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Ocean cruise packing list

Posted by admin under Cruises on July 22nd, 2010.

There’s only one thing worse than the stress of packing for a cruise, and that’s realizing you’ve forgotten something once you’re out on the water. While most ships will have shops to replace any essentials you may forget or run out of, there are many auxiliary items that you’ve got to be absolutely sure to pack. Luckily, we’ve compiled this handy guide of what’s most neededand most often forgotten.One tip before starting: when packing with a group, divide clothes between suitcases, so if one is lost, everybody still has something to wear.There are many security items you’ll need, assuming you’re flying to the cruise. Make sure you have all of the following: airline tickets or confirmations, passport, driver’s license and auto insurance, medical insurance. It’s also important to have easy access to anything you’ll need in an emergency: pre-paid phone card, contact numbers for stolen credit cards or traveler’s checks, prescription drugs. These items will make your life much easier while on the ship: reading material, currency conversion chart, cell phone charger, plug adaptor, laptop computer, camera and extra film (not stored in checked luggage), Swiss Army knife (in checked luggage), collapsible pillow. This is just an overview; bring any other chargers, devices, and tools that will make your stay more comfortable while on the ship.When packing clothes, remember not to bring any flashy jewelry or apparel that could stand out to criminals on board. Evening wear for men can include tuxedo, “docksider” shoes, and sport jacket. For women: formal and casual dresses, a variety of tops, sarongs or pareo to cover up in bathing suit, capri pants. Obviously everyone will also want a wide variety of casual clothes for those days lounging on deck. You can find more extensive lists across the internet, but with this in mind, you’ve got all the essentials for a perfect cruise vacation.

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