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Special Dolphin Cruises In And Around Maui

Posted by admin under Uncategorized on April 5th, 2011.

You will find two species of dolphins around Maui. There is the bottle nosed and the spinner dolphin. Maui offers several tours to bring you close to bothe species.

During the day take a cruise around the coast of Maui. Dolphins love to hang out and play in the day near the shore. In the evening you may want to take a cruise up one of the big channels seperating the islands. Dolphins come to these channels at night to feed.

There are cruises that offer snorkeling. This will get you closer to the dolphins. Chances are on a cruise like this you may get a dolphin to come close enough to touch.

While out cruising Maui you may see dophins showing off so to speak. They have been known to jump high and do flips to show off to tourist. They seem to love the attention.

Maui offers several types of cruises. Any of the cruises you may take are sure to bring you a once in a life time experience. You may want to book your cruise early. Certian times of the year are busier than others. You want to make sure you can get on the cruise and it is not full.

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