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Indie rock theme cruise premieres in 2011

Posted by www.oceanquestonline.org under Cruises on December 26th, 2010.

If you have internet access, you swing trading strateg know there are plenty of online sites to find new, independent music (and if you don’t have internet access, vist www.satellitestarinternet.com). But up until now, how many cruises do you know that can say the same thing? Most musicians that have appeared on cruises have been big-name stars, whether it was Kid Rock collaborating with Carnival Cruises, VH1′s “Best Cruise Ever” with Three Doors Down, or Vince Neil’s Motley Cruise. The Bruise Cruise Festival aims to change all that.Taking place from February 25-28, 2011, the cruise will take its lucky passengers from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, along with a cavalcade of indie music stars, including Southern psych-punk group The Black Lips, the beautiful but deadly Vivian Girls, the dangerously poppy Surfer Blood, garage rockers The Strange Boys, and the lo-fi, reverb-drenched The Oh-Sees. New bands are still being announced. Aside from music, the cruise is set to feature an open cocktail bar during certain hours, a competitive miniature golf course, and a “soul party dance-off.” Most exciting and unique, however, might be puppeteer Panacea Theriac, who goes by the name Miss Pussycat and also performs with her husband Robert Rolston, who goes by Quintron and will also be on the ship. Miss Pussycat’s puppeteering will be accompanied by pancakes, waffles, and story hour. (more…)

Victoria Cruises To View Orca Whales

Posted by admin under Uncategorized on April 20th, 2011.

Taking a trip to view whales is a trip that will never be forgotten. The Orca whale, also known as the Killer Whale, really is no whale at all but rather a cetacean. The Killer Whale is the most popular whale that whale shows use for a performance. The Killer Whale is known for its speed that it uses to hunt its prey in the ocean. Killer Whales usually can be found swimming together in groups called pods, which makes them the perfect object for viewing on a whale watching trip.

Upon leaving to (more…)

Special Dolphin Cruises In And Around Maui

Posted by admin under Uncategorized on April 5th, 2011.

You will find two species of dolphins around Maui. There is the bottle nosed and the spinner dolphin. Maui offers several tours to bring you close to bothe species.

During the day take a cruise around the coast of Maui. Dolphins love to hang out and play in the day near the shore. In the evening you may want to take a cruise up one of the big channels seperating the islands. Dolphins come to these (more…)

Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises In Hawaii

Posted by admin under Uncategorized on March 20th, 2011.

If you want to make a memory alone or as a family in the great state of Hawaii you won’t want to miss this amazing experience. Taking a a Dolphin and Whale watching Cruise is an incredible memory for the young and old alike. There is a feeling you get as you venture out safely onto the ocean in search of viewing that wile dolphin or beautiful whale. It is an experience that is worth every penny.You will take a safe vessel with an experienced crew and captain as you embark on a short journey to watch the worlds most beautiful whales and dolphins. And once you spot them, with the help of your cruise guides or all alone you will have a memory stamped upon your heart and mind forever. The breeze flowing, the natural beauty of the ocean, watching and waiting for the perfect moment for a whale or dolphin to appear before your very eyes is awesome. Watching these amazing creatures in their natural homes is priceless. The dolphins jumping into the air is a moment you can’t forget. Bring your binoculars, a hat, and get ready to relax for a cruise of a lifetime. It just may be the highlight of your trip to Hawaii.

OceanQuest hands-on cruises

Posted by www.oceanquestonline.org under Cruises,Research & Conservation on July 22nd, 2010.

If you want your cruise to have a little more thought behind it, consider taking an OceanQuest cruise. While you won’t be traveling through exotic island locales (it’s in Woods Hole, MA), and you won’t need to pack for a week’s worth of time (it’s a one-day trip), you will get one experience lacking anywhere else. On the OceanQuest Discovery cruise, you get to actually use the vessel’s research equipment to learn about the body of water that covers 70 of our planet.The boat is divided into three different stations. In the back (or sternprospective passengers have to start learning the lingo), travellers focus on the life of the ocean, pulling up lobster traps and plankton nets and examining microorganisms under a Discovery Scope. In the bow of the ship, passengers have the opportunity to operate the equipment that teaches scientists about the physical and meteorological makeup of the ocean. Finally, when guests head in to the cabin, they are treated to exploring the chemistry of seawater. (more…)

Ocean cruise packing list

Posted by admin under Cruises on July 22nd, 2010.

There’s only one thing worse than the stress of packing for a cruise, and that’s realizing you’ve forgotten something once you’re out on the water. While most ships will have shops to replace any essentials you may forget or run out of, there are many auxiliary items that you’ve got to be absolutely sure to pack. Luckily, we’ve compiled this handy guide of what’s most neededand most often forgotten.One tip before starting: when packing with a group, divide clothes between suitcases, so if one is lost, everybody still has something to wear.There are many security items you’ll need, assuming you’re flying to the cruise. Make sure you have all of the following: airline tickets or confirmations, passport, driver’s license and auto insurance, medical insurance. It’s also important to have easy access to anything you’ll need in an emergency: pre-paid phone card, contact numbers for stolen credit cards or traveler’s checks, prescription drugs. (more…)

Oasis class cruise ships cut a large shadow

Posted by www.oceanquestonline.org under Cruises on July 22nd, 2010.

If you’re planning to save up for the ultimate luxury cruise, why not go all the way and set your sights on the Oasis of the Seas? Of course, you’ll want to know the numbers. At over 225,000 tons, 1,181 feet long, and 198 feet wide, the Oasis is the largest cruise ship in the world. It rises 236 feet high with a total of 16 decks and a total capacity of over 6,000 guests. Just for comparison, the Statue of Liberty is 151 feet. Currently, the Oasis is the only one of its size in operation, but that’ll change at the end of the year when the Allure of the Seas is completed.Royal Caribbean International is the proud owner of these ocean-going behemoths. Before 2009, the Freedom of the Seas was the largest ship in existence, and if you’re all right with going second-best, it’s still in operation, with a signature H2O Zone featuring water cannons, sculptures, a waterfall, and a “lazy river” water attraction for whiling away the days. (more…)

New Kilroy devices assist ocean researchers

Posted by www.oceanquestonline.org under Research & Conservation on July 22nd, 2010.

The nonprofit Ocean Research & Conservation Association was founded by Dr. Edith Widder in 2005. Dr. Widder has a long history of exploring the deep oceans, starting as a Scientific Research Pilot at Atmospheric Diving Systems and later gaining experience with the diving suit WASP and the submersibles DEEP ROVER and DEEP WORKER. Learning more about the ocean floor helps us learn more about the effect humans are having on the environment and, more importantly, what we can change to keep the oceans a place of relaxation and refuge for people and animals alike.To that end, the ORCA Kilroy was developed, beginning in 2006 and completed in 2008, as another way to monitor the life signs of the ocean. The football-sized monitors record ocean speeds, direction, salinity, temperature, and levels of key microorganisms, 24/7. The device also has a bathyphotometer for monitoring biological elements like dinoflagellates and comb jellies. (more…)

How to book your ocean cruise

Posted by www.oceanquestonline.org under Booking,Cruises on July 22nd, 2010.

There are a wide variety of cruises available for a wide variety of passengers. Everything depends on whether you’re looking for toga parties or fine dining, a quaint holiday trip or an ultramodern fantasy vacation.When starting to look into which cruise will fit you and your personality best, remember that shorter cruises (usually between three to five days) tend to be on older ships. That doesn’t necessarily mean run-downjust that they will be less glamorous and probably more low-key than a week-or-longer cruise. That may be exactly what you’re looking for, however.Length can also depend on the destination. Paul Motter, president of CruiseMates.com, says that most Caribbean cruises are a week long, but a quality trip through Europe should last about 10 to 14 days. (more…)